Clark + Hopkins Oaxaca

Clark + Hopkins Oaxaca
Clark + Hopkins Oaxaca
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Taking inspiration from a gastronomic hotspot in Mexico’s southwest, this sauce is delicious and offers true depth of flavor. Built on a foundation of habanero, serrano, and chipotle, it's seriously hot. Once the initial wave of pepper passes, you’re greeted by notes of cinnamon distinctive to Mexican chocolate. Interwoven is a hint of lime.

Oaxaca (pronounced ‘wah-haa-kah) is known as the land of seven moles. Clark + Hopkins has created a sauce that pays homage to an amazing heritage - one sustained by the 17 indigenous cultures who’ve lived there for many millennia, far pre-dating the arrival of cultures from other continents.

Oaxaca, as a place, contains a diversity of climates and topography. It encompasses coasts, mountains, and expansive valleys. Clark + Hopkins Oaxaca, as a sauce, has a full spectrum of flavors reflecting this exceptional place, and it's unique nuances. 

Great on: Grilled chicken, Fish tacos, Scrambled eggs, Chili, Hamburgers, Baked potatoes

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