Clark + Hopkins Laos

Clark + Hopkins Laos
Clark + Hopkins Laos
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To truly appreciate the intricacy of Southeast Asian cuisine, one needs to understand the region's complex interplay of flavors—a backbone of rich, fermented umami combines with citrus acidity, slight sweetness, and of course plenty of heat. The result is a satisfying and addictive dance of flavors, where no one element dominates. 
Our friends at Clark + Hopkins have bottled this experience with stunning accuracy. Their Laos hot sauce pays great homage to the vibe of Southeast Asia—decadent and fresh with bold spiciness, albeit relatively mild by traditional Lao standards. A balance of lemongrass and ginger gives it just the right amount of tanginess to compliment the potency of Thai chiles. But the real magic comes from its dried shrimp. The essence of seafood is subtle but profound—a characteristic that unlocks the delightful, umami character in any dish. You'll apply it so generously, you'll wish there were more in the bottle.  
Great on: sticky rice, young papaya salad, fried fish, noodle salad, grilled chicken, curries
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