Clark + Hopkins Assam

Clark + Hopkins Assam
Clark + Hopkins Assam
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Clark + Hopkins’ Assam is a true original, named after an ancient region of northeast India, and the birthplace of the Ghost Pepper, one of the hottest chilis in the world. 
To describe its flavor as "curry" doesn’t do it justice, and yet there’s a familiarity to it that is steeped in the food traditions of India. Its sweet, acidic base is the first to hit your senses, followed by a complex bouquet of spices.
But the true star of the show is the heat. The combination of Ghost and 7 Pot Primo Peppers, would normally not be recommended for the heat-adverse (although we assume none of those folks are reading this). Luckily, Assam tempers Scovillic potency with some of the most delightful, fragrant aromas and sugars, ushering Assam’s heat to its assigned seat, delightfully sizzling at the back of the palate. 
Great on: tandoori chicken, coconut curry, fried tofu, grilled meats, naan, paratha (or any flatbreads), yellow lemon rice, tacos, eggs. 
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