Super Nice Kicks

A dream for the future: Hot Saucery branded on a pair of sneakers. We're in our early days, but it's on the bucket list. In the meantime, we admire as someone else from the hot sauce universe realizes this glorious prize.

Hot Ones and Reebok have teamed up on a release of three kicks. In the same way the show's format is about climbing the pyramid of heat, each pair coincides with a different level of spice. The classic leather is our pick. The gradient on the side is tastefully eye-catching.

Reebok hasn't done much lately in our opinion. We mean decades. Like when Allen Iverson was the face of the brand. The Questions were legit hot. So were the ads. A compelling display of tight handles, the tight rhymes of Jadakiss, and the unbearable lightness of being The Answer.

Good job on this drop Reebok. Congrats Hot Ones.




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