Strangely Savoury: Chilis and Ice Cream

Chili crisp gets hotter and hotter. It's addictive umaminess is gaining serious cultural traction in the US, with brands like Fly by Jing re-imaging it for new audiences. Now in the New York Times, J. Kenji López-Alt looks into an emerging micro-trend: chili crisp + ice cream.

At first it sounds weird, like a stunt by bored teenagers. But the blend of spicy and sweet can be deeply satisfying and has a rich heritage. Examples abound across Southeast Asian cuisines. It's a combination that been an elemental component of time-tested dishes like spicy papaya salad, Malaysian spicy honey chicken, and massaman curry. In the article, López-Alt talks about getting the balance of this combo just right with ice cream, and offering the result at Wursthall, one of his establishments.   

It's summer. It's a time for heaps of ice cream - after dinner, during hot afternoons, and whenever the craving arises. Tonight, try having your favorite chili crisp on hand and give the familiar a totally different twist.

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