Sauce of the Moment: Adoboloco | Kolohe Kid

Power and pleasure in a bottle. Starts with notes of sweetness and escalates into lava-level heat. Kolohe Kid’s rush of sensation is disquietly thrilling—like being swept up by a pre-sunrise wave, subject to its momentum and will. 

Adoboloco is a family-run business based from Maui, in operation since 2011. The company is passionate about representing the ethos and flavors of their state. Founder Tim Parsons speaks about how their operations, from step one all the way to getting products out to market, happen in Hawaii. Adoboloco sauces feature single origin peppers. Ghost pepper—in all its sub-million scoville glory—form the flavor foundation of Kolohe Kid.

This sauce transports and amplifies food through faithfulness to the rich character of its origins. It’s eye-wateringly hot. It is also delicious. The heat it offers isn’t one-dimensional. Each bottle offers a promise from its makers of serious craftsmanship and big waves of flavor.  

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