Hot Wheels, Sriracha-Flavored

There's a theory that pop culture revolves in 20 year cycles. If that were definitively true, we'd be in trucker hats listening to Faith Hill and the Backstreet Boys. I don't go outside a lot right now, but doesn't seem to be much Backstreet out there. Theories exist to have holes punched through them.

Another artifact from the turn of the century is the Razor scooter. Once somehow a semi-acceptable presence in offices (Dot com 1.0 start-up culture was spectacularly silly), it's been a quiet decade and a half for these quirky little vehicles.

Now there's a new (unconnected to theory) reason to give them a look. Razor's just released limited-edition collabs and mods that result in infinitely more interesting rides. An excellent decision was made to make a Sriracha-inspired scooter. The body is coated in fiery, bright red. The rims and handle grips are Sriracha bottle-cap green.

First choice would be to trick out a Tesla Model S in Sriracha colors. A Nissan 350Z would be second. This beauty of a scooter takes third place. Since they sold out close to immediately, the hunt is on. 

Update: Cop it now at Target!

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