Back This Week, Old Bay Hot Sauce

The most anticipated drop of the season is here. The limited-edition Old Bay Hot Sauce that sold out in an hour in January will be available starting this week in east coast groceries such as Wegmans and ShopRite. In addition, select restaurants will be offering OLD BAY Hot Sauce on special menu options.

According to McCormick: “When we first launched this special OLD BAY offering, we were excited to see the amazing response it received. We knew our loyal Chesapeake-area fans would embrace this hot sauce as the winter escape it was intended to be, however we quickly discovered that fans all over America, and even the world, were seeking it out. OLD BAY fans are extremely passionate and loyal, so we are happy to let them know our hot sauce is back for this summer.”

The company describes the sauce as “tangy with a kick of heat, and loaded with that distinctive OLD BAY blend of herbs and spices.” 

Sounds amazing. Good luck getting your hands on a bottle everyone.

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