1000 MEALS

A ‘year’ is a satisfying measure of time. Long enough to feel substantial. But it moves forward briskly, containing constant potential of unknown pleasures. We pack a lot into 365 days.

One lens for looking at this new year, 2022, can be the number of meals we’ll have. An estimate is a 1000, plus or minus 100. The majority of them acts of quickly forgotten routine. 

Then there are the outstanding outliers. The meals that dwell in the memory. Sometimes as exact snapshots of a moment. Others staying with us fuzzy and dream-like. Remember your first Laotian meal, at the small place on the edge of campus? Where you encountered ideas new to you of rice as a utensil. Or when you learned there are dozens of variants of kimchi, diverse in shape and spiciness. 

For something unequivocally universal, food is also phenomenally myriad and connected to individual experience. With more frequency than perhaps is recognized, we’re bowled over by the revelatory and sublime. It might happen in a restaurant where the reputation already holds hints of excellence. Or conversely at a place where you basically ended up at because the sign is quirky and you’re open to gamble. The place that will become a go-to story that is good for years.  

You'll have epic meals in 2022. Get Ready.

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