Welcome Perpetual Chess listeners!

What do chess and hot sauce share? More than one might think. Intensity.  Complexity. Obsession.  Hot Saucery recentl...

Back to Basics

Breakfast is the afterthought meal. On most days, it doesn’t happen properly. We rise, get ready in 10 minutes, and ...

Salsa Flows in My Veins

There are umpteen stories in the history of American hot sauces that have gone recognized and discussed just in small...

Sauce of the Moment: Adoboloco | Kolohe Kid

Power and pleasure in a bottle. Starts with notes of sweetness and escalates into lava-level heat. Kolohe Kid’s rush ...

Super Nice Kicks

A dream for the future: Hot Saucery branded on a pair of sneakers. We're in our early days, but it's on the bucket li...

Hot Wheels, Sriracha-Flavored

There's a theory that pop culture revolves in 20 year cycles. If that were definitively true, we'd be in trucker hat...

Strangely Savoury: Chilis and Ice Cream

Chili crisp gets hotter and hotter. It's addictive umaminess is gaining serious cultural traction in the US, with br...

Back This Week, Old Bay Hot Sauce

The most anticipated drop of the season is here. The limited-edition Old Bay Hot Sauce that sold out in an hour in Ja...

Pepper Profiles: the Sichuan Peppercorn

The electric sensation of the world famous peppercorn.

The Perfect Pair: Fly By Jing Sichuan Chili Crisp on Fried Rice

A dining table essential and a kitchen standard join forces to create a jubilant meal fit for royalty. 

The Perfect Pair: Hot Chicken Sandwich and Secret Aardvark Habanero

A classic spice-bomb sandwich born out of revenge for a philandering husband meets Portland's worst kept secret. 
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